Hackney Stream Radio Legacy

Citizens of the pre-digital era — live radio preserved

From 2010 to 2013, Hackney Stream was a live Internet audio presence, for and by older people in Hackney. We streamed to an Icecast radio server from the computer centre at 52 The Lawns and other acoustically-challenged venues. Equipment was minimal. The production budget was zero.

This is how we used to describe Hackney Stream radio …

Hackney Stream creates social and community activities (rather than ‘radio programs’) which are streamed live to an Internet radio server, and also recorded for ‘listen on demand’. It is not at all like conventional radio, as the emphasis is overwhelmingly on participation, not on listening.

You could think of it as subsistence talk radio – but we call it ‘an audio adventure led by citizens of the pre-digital era’.

We did not try to build a remote audience. This was all about participation in local digital culture. Our audience (‘citizens of the pre-digital era’) was in the room, not in virtual space — talking about things they know a lot about, not struggling with alien and ephemeral technology. Every aspect of the process was owned and organised by the participants — in their own way, on their own terms. That is our interpretation of ‘digital inclusion’.

So these legacy episodes are repeat recordings of those live events, with little or no editing. We are adding these old tracks gradually — and only those that are useful in the context of discussions about social and digital inclusion. We don’t expect to upload more than a handful. The current (October 2017) count is two about food — plus one very brief fragment about community computing.

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