Seeing Ourselves, Showing Ourselves

Helen Cammock’s 2015 photography project with Hackney seniors

On this page, following the project description below — scroll down for two slideshows of studio portraits, and a slideshow of some of the workshop photographs.

About Seeing Ourselves, Showing Ourselves (Jan-Feb 2015)

The project was an introduction for a group of Hackney Seniors into the ways that they could explore, reflect on and represent their local physical, cultural and emotional landscapes through photography.

The project introduced basic technical aspects of image making but also focused on the way that photography can be used to communicate ideas, perspectives and experiences. There was opportunity to make different kinds of photography from landscape through to studio portraiture and the sessions were structured to incorporate activities that were photographic as well as discursive. There were ‘outshoots’ in the local community, weekly group critique feedback sessions and homework briefs set to push people’s learning outside of the group sessions.

The project culminated in a celebratory exhibition event at Open School East in March 2015. The exhibition included printed images and a screening of an image slideshow showcasing everyone’ s work. Everyone got a disc containing all their images and a certificate of participation for the project. They were received in front of a packed house that was really appreciative of the work and achievements of the group.

Throughout the project participants were focused and insightful and the discussions unpicking image making were fascinating and complex. Right from the beginning the group were really clear that they had high expectations and aspirations and wanted to extend their knowledge, visual literacy and technical skills.

Seeing Ourselves, Showing Ourselves was led by artist and photographer Helen Cammock.

Studio portraits

Seeing ourselves - Showing ourselves - January to March 2015, Open School East, Hackney Victoria Victoria and Abosede Delroy Delroy Victoria, Delroy and Abosede Hazel Hazel Stephen, Paula and Hazel Juliana Pauline Pauline and Peter-Hugo Benediccta Esther Esther Clarenton
Seeing ourselves - Showing ourselves - January to March 2015, Open School East, Hackney Victoria Abosede Abosede Clarenton Benediccta Esther, Clarenton and Benediccta Stephen Stephen Paula Paula Pauline Peter-Hugo Peter-Hugo Juliana and Pauline Juliana and Pauline Pauline and Stephen

Some workshop photographs

Just a sample … there were a lot more …

Hazel Photo by Stephen Photo by Peter-Hugo Photo by Paula Photo by Victoria Juliana Esther


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