Is your date of birth on your CV?

Podcast for Hackney Employability Club

An unscripted community conversation led by Lady Esther (a.k.a. Sistah 2C). We are talking about our experiences in the job market – and our feelings about those experiences. As always, the location intentionally has no resemblance to a recording studio.

Click/tap the play button here (the yellow disk with the white triangle), or visit the podcast episode page: Is your date of birth on your CV?

How we make a street-level podcast

Our podcasts are field recordings using budget equipment and software that most of us could afford. The conversations are unscripted, with minimal planning, and very little subsequent editing. This is how we talk when there is no microphone in the room.

Wednesday afternoon audio at Whitmore Community Centre

If you would like to learn how to make a podcast, please join us any Wednesday afternoon (2 to 5 pm) at Whitmore Community Centre — or contact us for more information

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  • Phone: 07761 887927