Hackney Stream

We are rebuilding this website for Hackney Stream Phase 3.

About Hackney Stream Phase 3

Our slogan for Hackney Stream phases 1 and 2 was ‘an audio adventure led by citizens of the pre-digital era’ – but we are not doing Internet Radio now because Parallel Radio has taken over, and is doing it much better. Our third phase is based mainly at Open School East, where we are focusing on organising our own events as local older people. So the new slogan should be something like ‘community adventures led by citizens of the pre-digital era’.

Successes so far include ...

Planned / looking for funding ...

This website

This site used to be the front end of the Hackney Stream Internet radio stations. Now we are rebuilding it as a showcase, blog, gallery and online archive of our current activities at Open School East and elsewhere. Relaunch: we hope November.

Contact / where to find us

Every Tuesday afternoon (3 to 5 pm) at Open School East, 43 De Beauvoir Rd, N1 5SQ

Email: rick@hackneystream.net

Last edit: 1 November 2015