Is your date of birth on your CV?

Podcast for Hackney Employability Club

An unscripted community conversation led by Lady Esther (a.k.a. Sistah 2C). We are talking about our experiences in the job market – and our feelings about those experiences. As always, the location intentionally has no resemblance to a recording studio.

Click/tap the play button here (the yellow disk with the white triangle), or visit the podcast episode page: Is your date of birth on your CV?

How we make a street-level podcast

Our podcasts are field recordings using budget equipment and software that most of us could afford. The conversations are unscripted, with minimal planning, and very little subsequent editing. This is how we talk when there is no microphone in the room.

Wednesday afternoon audio at Whitmore Community Centre

If you would like to learn how to make a podcast, please join us any Wednesday afternoon (2 to 5 pm) at Whitmore Community Centre — or contact us for more information

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07761 887927

Hackney Stream returns 3 May

New home: Whitmore Community Centre

The Hackney Stream project has a new home at Whitmore Community Centre. The regular weekly event will be on Wednesday afternoons (2 to 5 pm), starting Wednesday 3 May.

Here’s a reminder of what Hackney Stream does

  • Open social and digital drop-in — a continuation of our very successful project at Open School East in De Beauvoir Rd.
  • Not a service for older people — a community project run by older people for everybody.
  • Focus on local neighbourhood — despite the name, not just for Hackney people.

What will be the same and what will be different?

  • Closer to main road transport.
  • Not quite as much space — but more seating, much cleaner, and more accessible for people who don’t like stairs.
  • Much warner in cold weather.
  • Very nice kitchen, and an outdoor courtyard area.
  • For those who need it — better wifi, and more access to tablets and laptop computers.
  • Longer afternoon sessions.
  • Hopefully, a consistent venue for Hackney Mobile Seniors.
  • Occasional special events on Tuesday afternoons as well as Wednesdays.
  • No intrusive paperwork, registration or evaluation forms to fill in.
  • We might, or might not, revive Hackney Stream Internet Radio — it’s not a priority, but if there is enough interest, we can do it again.
  • Monthly parties definitely back on our agenda (after consulting other Wednesday afternoon Centre users).

Help arthritis research and learn about online shopping

A special event at Whitmore Community Centre

This is exactly the sort of event that was always successful at Open School East. It’s been set up by researchers from the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and Arthritis Research UK — and it’s about online shopping, possibly a topic that already interests you very much.

Date and time

  • Tuesday 25 April, 2 to 5 pm.
  • The main workshop itself will start no later then 3 pm.
  • Starting at 2 pm, we will have some preliminary time to give you an informal overview of online retail, and perhaps get you started on the Hackney Stream laptops or tablets.

Why you should come

  • You would like to learn something interesting, and do something useful that will help older arthritis sufferers.
    • You don’t have to be an arthritis victim yourself (the researchers just want to find out how older people use online shopping sites).
  • You don’t have to be a Hackney resident, but you should be an older person (the older the better, but at least 50).
    • You have a general interest or curiosity about online shopping. Internet beginners will fit in very well.
  • You don’t have to be an experienced online shopper, and you definitely don’t have to know much about computers or the Internet.

What you will do

  • The main workshop will have up to ten people, who will be using laptops or tablets to access and test three shopping sites.
  • The workshop won’t all be on the Internet; there will be a paper exercise as well.
  • If more than ten people turn up (which is very probable), don’t worry — there will be plenty for you to do, separate from the main workshop.

Event links

Online flyer for this event